Motivate Yourself to a Healthier You

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Motivate Yourself to a Healthier You

What motivates you to achieve a healthier you? For me, it is my deep need to stay physically active and fit, feel in control of my health and live the active lifestyle I want with my daughters and family. Staying motivated can be challenging when trying to achieve the healthy body you want, but we all know that it is crucial to getting the results you want. So what does it take to stay motivated?

Here are 4 simple steps you can take today to improve your motivation, gain confidence and ultimately keep you moving towards achieving a healthier you:

Have a Strong Plan

If you know exactly what health goals you want to achieve and how you are going to accomplish them, then staying motivated will be much easier. Start by writing down your health goals and how you plan to achieve them. Keep a tracking journal to monitor your progress and stay accountable to yourself. Share your plan with a supportive friend or loved one. Be open and clear about what you want to accomplish and this will help you stay on tract and motivated.

Determine your ‘WHY’ Factor

If you know why you want to obtain a healthier body, then you will be able to recognize your internal driving force. Figure out why achieving a healthier version of you is important to you. Understand the gap between where you are and where you want to be and let that motivate you.

Start Small

Begin with little changes that fit you. Evaluate your diet, physical activity, mindset and your lifestyle. What changes are you willing to make and know you will be able to sustain? Start with those first. You may need to change some of your eating habits or increase your physical activity. It could be as simple as not eating desert, eating smaller portions, and/or exchanging soda for water. Focus on making changes that fit into your lifestyle and are fairly easy to maintain throughout your daily routine.  Remember that the more changes that you make at once, the harder it will be to adjust and maintain, so keep it simple and keep progressing toward your health goal.

Be Positive and Focus on What You Want

Your thoughts control your actions, so keep your mind clear, focused, positive and focus on what you want. The inability to quickly remove negative thoughts from our minds is one of the biggest reasons why some people fail at accomplishing their health goals. Stay positive and be mindful of your thoughts. Andrew Matthew quoted that, “What you focus on expands… So think about what you want.”

Think for a moment about the most successful people. They have learned, step-by-step, through trial and error to master their own thoughts, desires, and actions. You can do it too!

Always remember Four step to keep your mind and body motivated

Now that you know the four step to keep your mind and body motivated, it’s time to put them into practice.

  • Plan well
  • Know your ‘why’
  • Start small
  • Be positive and focus on what you want

If you follow these simple steps, your health and wellness will improve and you will be on the road to a healthier you! To a healthier you!

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