3 Key Elements To Weight Loss

Rev Up Your Metabolism
May 11, 2015

3 Key Elements To Weight Loss

Increase Your Muscle Mass for Weight Loss

The main reason why men and women tend to gain weight from the age of 30 is mostly due to the decrease in overall activity level in a day. Most people at this time of their life have regular jobs, and become more sedentary.  A decrease in activity level decreases the calories burned in a day and also has a negative effect on muscle mass.  Muscle mass is an important factor in maintaining and improving your metabolism.  If you do not exercise routinely, start progressively with small changes that fit in easily to your day. Pick 1 or 2, write them down, make a weekly schedule and stick with it.  Make yourself accountable by sharing your goals with someone that motivates you positively.

Improve Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

Some men and women are genetically “luckier” as far as the metabolism that they inherit, although it is also a fact that you can improve your metabolism by increasing the muscle mass that you have with physical exercise.  Weight training in particularly important for weight loss.   It can significantly increase your metabolism by increasing your lean muscle mass.   By increasing your lean muscle mass, your body naturally burns more calories in a day.  If you cannot go to a gym, or do not find that it fits into your day, start by choosing an upper body, lower body and an abdominal strengthening exercise that you can do at home.  Choose the time and the days that these exercises would fit easily in your day.  Make yourself a schedule.  Stick with your schedule and make yourself accountable to your weight loss program.

Calorie Control for Weight Loss

Your total calorie intake per day is also something that you need to control.  If you have not been able to maintain your weight between the ages of 30-40, you may need to decrease your calorie intake.  You should also increase your water and fiber intake if you believe that you are lacking there also.  Your body naturally needs water and fiber to function properly. Most people do not intake enough of either or.  You can try to drink (in ounces) half of your body weight (in pounds).  Make sure you eat a breakfast which contains 1/3 of your calorie intake in a day, which also contains a good amount of fiber.  This helps to support your metabolism throughout the day.  At the end of your day, or at dinner time, you should decrease your carbohydrate intake.  Stick with protein, vegetables and a smaller amount of complex carbohydrates as your approach the evening.

Personalized guidance and accountability can significantly improve your weight loss results.

To a healthier you!

Tanya Langis

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