Are you ready to get started on your path to healing?

Pro Action Wellness offers many programs that help women; who are dealing with pain, chronic inflammatory conditions or auto-immunity such as rheumatoid arthritis, heal their body naturally and from within.  The thought behind these programs is to:

  1. Help you get to the root cause of your pain and inflammation, and uncover hidden core imbalances that may be hindering your body’s healing process.
  2. Help you make the nutrition and lifestyle shifts you need to heal your body.
  3. Support you along your path to healing no matter what stage you are in presently.

Jumpstart Your Healing Anti-Inflammatory Detox


This 28-day anti-inflammatory detox is not about starving your body, juicing, fasting or eating strange food combinations.  It is about reducing pain and inflammation, integrating vital lifestyle habits that promote healing, and ultimately shifting your body into its best state of healing from within naturally!

No diet is perfect and every body has unique food and lifestyle needs.  Therefore, if you fuel your body, mind and spirit with what it needs to thrive, you’ll create optimal conditions for your body to heal.  This is why learning what truly nourishes you, and what foods work for your own body type and health condition is critical to you achieving optimal health and healing.

By going through the process of eliminating inflammatory and allergenic foods, by adding in healing and anti-inflammatory foods, by finding your inflammatory triggers and stressors and supporting your own body’s healing process with lifestyle management, you’ll be on your way to reducing pain and inflammation, increasing your energy and feeling your best!

This 28-day anti-inflammatory detox is a step-by-step, easy to follow program designed to truly help you focus on you, jumpstart your healing and transform how you feel.

Jumpstart Your Healing 28 Day Intensive


Imagine being personally guided and supported for 28 days to finally get to the root cause of your health concern and find your core imbalances whether they are inflammatory, hormonal, digestive, energetic or immune imbalances.

Imagine getting the support you need to determine which triggers and stressors may be affecting you and which nutrition and lifestyle shifts you need to make to reduce pain and inflammation, improve your health and promote healing within your body naturally.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to know exactly what you need to do to shift your body into healing mode while getting the support you truly need to make it happen?

Transformational Healing 90 Day Intensive


If you have been struggling with chronic pain and inflammation, joint pain, auto-immunity or you have seen many health practitioners, and you are not getting resolution of your symptoms, then the Transformational Healing 90 Day Intensive might be right for you.

Imagine having the extended support you need to help you not only get to the root cause of your health concerns and core imbalances but the guide and accountability partner you need to help you make the nutrition and lifestyle shifts you need to heal and transform your body from within naturally.

If you are looking for genuine and engaged support from someone that has overcome their challenges with chronic pain, inflammation and autoimmunity, then I would love to support you on your path to healing.

Start Healing Your Body from Within

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